We have stopped taking in new pupils for private tuition and we do not have a venue for group tuition.

We believe that going online is beneficial for pupils, parents and teachers.

For the pupils, we can encourage self-directed learning, which is an important skill set for 21st century. They can pause the lesson anytime, even watch the same video repeatedly till they can grasp the concepts taught. All learning can be done at the pupil’s own pace.

For the parents, online course can cater to their busy schedule, saving them the hassle of working out the tuition timings.

As for the teachers, we are able to reach out to many more pupils through our online course by eliminating the constraints of time and space and making resources much more affordable than tuition.

We believe that textbook content should be covered by school teachers and our online course is not meant to replace classroom teaching.

Our objective is to help our pupils to be effective communicators of the language, hence our focus is on reading, writing and speaking skills.

It depends on the pupils’ learning needs and pace.

If the pupils currently have tuition, the online course can be an extra boost to enhance their learning. If not, it can double up as an additional lesson resource for them.

You can send us your child’s work via email or WhatsApp and we will give our feedback on areas for improvement.

No marks will be given as we want to align ourselves to MOE policy of steering away from over emphasis of results.

The duration of each lesson is 25-35 minutes. Pupils can pause the video anytime to complete the worksheets in stages.

We keep the duration to below 1 hour to maximise pupils’ attention span.

We suggest scheduling a regular time every week for the pupils to watch the online lessons.

Parents can monitor the pupils’ progress by checking our online learning platform and submitting pupils’ work termly.