Recommended Reading 《三个小猪的真实故事》/ The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs

Holidays are here and what can be a better time for our pupils to catch up on some reading? For this December holiday, we have specially curated a few story books suitable for all primary school pupils. These story books are easy to read (short, simple sentences with no flowery languages) and we have suggested post reading activities to engage our pupils in.

Maleficient Inspired

I am not sure about you, but after watching Disney’s Maleficient, I certainly never looked at this supposedly evil character the same way I read Sleeping Beauty in my childhood.

Maleficient is not the only misunderstood antagonist in our fairy tales. Enters the Big Bad Wolf from the Three Little Pigs, who came out with his side of the story in 《三个小猪的真实故事》/ The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs.

The 3 Little Pigs, as told by the Big Bad Wolf

In this story, the Big Bad Wolf is Alexander. Alexander is a filial wolf who wanted to bake a cake for his grandmother’s birthday. Unfortunately, he ran out of sugar and had to borrow from his neighbours, who happened to be the 3 little pigs. As he waited outside the first pig’s house, he let out a huge sneeze by accident which killed it. Not wanting food to go to waste, he decided to have his “dinner”. He then headed to the second pig’s house where history repeated itself. As for the third pig, Alexander did not blow his house down. He got angry when the third pig not only refused to lend him some sugar but also insulted his grandmother instead. Alexander ended up in prison and live to tell his version.

What we like about this book

This book creates the opportunity for pupils to look at the things from different perspectives. When situation arises in life, is it always clear what is right and wrong? Pupils can learn to analyse the situation and come out with their conclusions after looking at the things from different perspectives.

Suggestions for Post Reading Activities

1 Debate

Question for debate: Is Alexander innocent or just telling lies?


a) 我觉得大灰狼是冤枉的,因为……

b) 我觉得大灰狼在说谎,因为……

Pupils can engage in this debate with their parents/ siblings/ friends, giving substantial evidence to support their views. This is a great opportunity for pupils to learning to voice out their views in Chinese.

2 Create another story

Using an evil character from another fairy tale, come out with his/her version of the story. Pupils can share their stories via:

  • Creating a voice recording and post on Facebook
  • Creating a comic version
  • Simply pen it down in a journal

Happy reading!

This book is available at Maha Yu Yi Bookstore.

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