Tackling Comprehension Question: 他是个怎样的人?

他是个怎样的人 is the question type that most pupils have a problem with. Most of them know how to describe the characters of the passage in English, but often have difficulty finding the appropriate Chinese vocabulary.

Other than that, pupils are also unable to explain in detail why the vocabulary they chose best describes the character.

How to answer 他是个怎样的人 then?

1. Learn the appropriate words and apply them to the answers.

A list of positive and negative vocabulary can be found at the end of this article. Download and learn them. Go through the list whenever possible and select the appropriate ones to use.

2. Find evidence from the passage to support your answer.

Identify the character’s FEAST in the passage that shows what kind of person he/she is. FEAST stands for:

  • Feelings 心情
  • Expression 表情
  • Action 动作
  • Speech 对话
  • Thoughts 感想

To learn more about how to identify FEAST of a character, click here to watch our video tutorial.


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