Want to learn good phrases? Start with your textbook

Learning good phrases is very useful in helping pupils to create good content for writing. Pupils should also focus on good phrases that express feelings (F) and actions (A).

To read more about the FAST approach for composition writing, click here.

Before you head down to the nearest book store to purchase reference books, start with the textbook first. In the newly revamped textbook, you can find many good phrases. If you read through the school spelling list carefully, you will realize that teachers have intentionally incorporated them in the spelling so that pupils can learn and apply these phrases/ sentences.

We have compiled a list of good phrases from the new Primary 3 to 5 textbook, arranged according to Feelings and Actions.

How to use them effectively

1.  Pupils in the pull-out classes

This group of pupils may be facing a lot of difficulties in learning Chinese, so in this list, mark out the phrases with relatively simple words, e.g. 像一阵风一样地冲过来 (3A 第6课)or 放下了心中的石头 (3B 第17课). Start with learning just one phrase in each category. Once you are comfortable writing them without difficulty, find another phrase in each category to learn. Use them whenever there is a chance to remember better!

2. Pupils in the middle progress classes

For this group of pupils, they are expected to learn all the phrases that appeared in their level textbook. For example, a Primary 4 pupil in the middle progress class should learn all the good phrases that appear in both Primary 3 and 4 textbooks. Refer to this list whenever you write a composition. Pick out/ list down the relevant phrases and use them in the composition.

3. Pupils with strong command of Chinese/ upper Primary Higher Chinese classes

This group of pupils must familiarize themselves with all the good phrases in the textbook. Some pupils may think that these phrases are too simple but in many cases, this is the “go to” list when you are focusing on churning out good content. Often pupils in this category write non-stop during exam and have no time to look up their electronic dictionary for words they do not know how to write. You can always fall back on this list and save a lot of time.

Download this list now and start learning!

作文好词好句 Compiled From Textbook

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